Supporting European Movement Ireland is an investment in Ireland’s continued EU membership and mutually beneficial relationship between Ireland and the EU. Members also gain access to our programmes, expert insights, networking, and team development.


Regular e-Newsletters and briefing reports to keep you up-to-speed on European and Irish political issues.


Invitations to events including information seminars, breakfast briefings and networking opportunities.

Who We Are

European Movement Ireland’s mission is to develop the connection between Ireland and Europe, and to achieve greater public understanding of and engagement with the European Union and with our European partners. We do this by providing objective information and by stimulating debate.

We believe that Ireland is best served by a population who understand the EU and the broader community of European nations, and engage constructively in its future development. While we support European integration and Ireland’s membership of the European Union, we are independent and act with integrity.

European Movement Ireland is a membership organisation and is open to any individual or organisation that supports our mission to develop the connection between Ireland and Europe. Whether you are a student looking to start a career in the EU, a business or NGO that wants to deepen your organisation’s understanding of the EU Institutions and how you can work with them, or an individual with an interest in European affairs we have a membership package for you.