🚨 EM Ireland EU Poll 2023 - NOW LIVE!

We are now live with our latest EM Ireland EU Poll! In 2023, Amárach Research was commissioned by European Movement Ireland to undertake research on attitudes to the EU across the island of Ireland. This work builds on previous research commissioned by EM Ireland, conducted by Red C. This research programme was built around a nationally representative sample of 1,200 in both jurisdictions. The data collection in the Republic of Ireland was undertaken by Amárach. Data collection in Northern Ireland was undertaken by Lucid Talk. The survey data collection was undertaken online and the data was collected and analysed on Amárach’s VoxCo platform.

Support for Ireland remaining a member of the EU remains stable and overwhelmingly positive at 88% in Ireland and 79% in Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland, 71% of people who say they voted leave in the Brexit referendum support Ireland remaining a member of the EU. The poll, conducted by Amárach Research, is the first dedicated all-island opinion poll on EU issues. It shows that a majority (66%) of people in Northern Ireland believe that Northern Ireland is doing worse since Brexit, while half (51%) in the Ireland believe so. 64% of respondents who say they voted leave in the Brexit referendum believe Northern Ireland is doing worse.



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