Just The Chats

Welcome to EM Ireland’s podcast series ‘Just The Chats’!
Throughout these podcasts, we will be chatting to a range of people across Ireland and throughout the continent to hear about their experiences of Europe.
Since 1954, European Movement Ireland has been working to strengthen the connection between all sectors of Irish society and Europe. We believe that communication between the EU Institutions and people in Ireland must be a two-way dialogue and not simply top-down information provision.
We want to provide factual information about Europe in language that is clear and understandable, ensuring a robust, fair and factual public discourse on European issues. Since the launch of our podcast series in October 2019, we have had numerous guests speak with us such as Bonnie Greer, Lord David Puttnam, Emily O’Reilly, Tony Connelly, Naomi O’Leary and many more. 
So have a listen, get involved, and let us know what you think!


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