What is NasCSO?

Nasc is the Irish word for connection. NasCSO seeks to build a greater connection between civil society organisations (CSOs) in Ireland and the European Parliament. As the only directly elected European Union (EU) institution, the European Parliament acts as a voice for European citizens and encourages debate and engagement on issues at the heart of the EU and its future. Debate is at its core and NasCSO wants Irish CSOs’ voices to be heard when it comes to the future of Europe, the EU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Green Deal, digitalisation, economic recovery, health care, and other key areas.

CSOs play an active role in the daily lives of citizens in Ireland by encouraging them to be active and engaged in debate and discussion, which impacts public discourse. To help CSOs’ voices be heard at EU level, NasCSO wants to make that connection easier and connect different CSOs in Ireland with the work of the European Parliament and its Members of European Parliament (MEPs). Our goal is to see CSOs in Ireland being geared with the knowledge and knowhow on how to be involved in Parliamentary democracy and influence debate on key issues at EU level.

NasCSO provides information for CSOs wishing to develop connections with the European Parliament through online resources and networks, and at a series of thematic roundtable meetings of CSOs in a variety of sectors and regions of Ireland with European Parliament representatives. These meetings will offer CSO representatives an opportunity to engage directly with Irish MEPs and other European Parliament representatives on issues of importance to their organisation. NasCSO also provides a network of CSOs in Ireland, to allow organisations to connect with others in their sector and/or region for collaboration and support.

For more information or to attend a relevant meeting on behalf of your organisation, register to join our database using the form below. Tá eolas trí Ghaeilge le fail thíos.

Connect with the European Parliament?


Together.eu is a way for people to engage with the European Parliament directly. It is a platform created for people of all ages and CSOs to be directly involved in EU democracy and to shape the future of the EU. It allows citizens to engage in political processes and campaigns, such as the ThisTimeImVoting campaign in 2019 which highlighted the importance of voting. Together.eu can be used as a tool to influence the debate at EU level on European issues that impact the CSOs sector. It also offers the opportunity to reach local audiences with an interest in EU democracy.

Join the Together.eu community here.

Your MEPs

Here you will find a list of all Irish MEPs. Every five years, European citizens go to the polls to vote in the European elections to decide who represents them in the European Parliament. Your MEPs can bring important issues to your region and/or sector to light in the various committees they are a member of and during plenary sessions at the European Parliament. Each MEP is a member of various committees that look at specific issues that may be of importance to certain CSOs.

You can find an overview here of your elected Irish MEPs and what committees they are members of. Click here to learn more about which policy area is discussed in each committee and meeting schedules.

Stay Updated

European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland (EPLO) provides information on the European Parliament’s role and powers, on the Irish MEPs and their activities and on issues currently being considered by Parliament which are of significance for Ireland and for Europe as a whole.

You can find out more about the EPLO and stay updated on their activities via their website or follow them on social media:



EYE on the EDGE

EYE on the Edge is a recently launched initiative created and curated by young people. Originally planned as a 2-day festival in Galway the EYE on the Edge is now going fully online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As such, the festival will now happen in multiple locations right across Galway, Ireland, Europe and beyond! The project fuses politics, arts and culture to create dialogue, share ideas and respond to contemporary European and global challenges. It will do this through an engaging and interactive programme of discussions, workshops, artistic performances, exhibitions, and other activities.

The EYE on the Edge project is part of the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture programme and is a local European Youth Event (EYE), a biennial event in Strasbourg organised by the European Parliament which brings together thousands of young people from all over the EU and beyond to share and shape their ideas on the future of Europe. More information on the festival and programme will be made available via their website.

Follow debates live

Watch live streaming and recordings of debates at the European Parliament, and latest news stories and material via the multimedia centre. Whether you are looking for news summaries, live videos, images or infographics related to European Parliament activities, the multimedia centre is a one-stop-shop for all you’ll need.

Press releases

Stay updated on events taking place in the European Parliament through the news and press room. Tailored press releases of particular interest to the Irish audience can be accessed via the EPLO: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/ireland/en/news-press

Europe Direct centres

The Europe Direct centres are a network of accessible, local information centres in Ireland that spread information and advice about the EU’s policies, actively promote local and regional debate about the EU and give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the EU institutions.

Want to find out where your nearest Europe Direct centre is located? Find out more here.

Keep up-to-date with legislative developments

Through the European Parliament’s legislative train schedule you can monitor the progress of legislative files identified in the 10 priorities of the European Commission. The Legislative Train schedule shows when a piece of legislation arrives at the European Parliament. It’s also possible to see which proposals are blocked. Clicking on a carriage reveals all details about a proposal, such as the priority it is linked to and the MEP responsible for steering it through Parliament. The tool is limited to the plans outlined in the Commission’s working programme, so does not cover all EU legislation dealt with by Parliament.

The tool can be found on www.legislative-train.eu

What Europe does for me

What Europe does for me is a website that shows the EU’s impact in your region and in your daily life. The website provides citizens around Europe with short notes on how the EU has improved their lives.

Find out more here: What Europe does for me

House of European History

The House of European History is a forum for learning, reflection and debate, open to audiences from all generations and backgrounds. It works to increase understanding of European history, to encourage the exchange of ideas and to question assumptions. The House presents Europe’s history in a way that raises awareness about the multiplicity of perspectives and interpretations. To find out more: https://historia-europa.ep.eu/en/educators-teachers

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If you would like to learn more about NasCSO, participate in one of our meetings or engage more with NasCSO, register your interest using the form below. You can also follow our activities via social media and the hashtag #NasCSO :





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