EUAct2 is a pan-European programme, aimed at building democratic engagement with people who don’t always feel heard in the EU. This ambitious idea joins people living in Ireland, Austria, Greece and Slovakia together, giving them a platform to influence policies and share their ideas on a truly international level.

Over the next year, EM Ireland and our partner organisations will be carrying out focus groups, online discussions, open panels and large forums where young people, people from minority groups, people who don’t always feel heard, can come together and share opinions and ideas about policy, actions and initiatives at a European level.

We want to help strengthen people’s voices as we look towards European Parliament elections in 2024. EUAct2 is a platform to do that. There will be 31 activities, involving citizens, especially young people, experts, EU policymakers, representatives of NGOs, and media. They’ll be primarily (but not!) only from Austria, Greece, Ireland, and Slovakia.

Our Partners



Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe