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Just The Facts Archives


Title Category Publishing Date 
Bulgarian General Election November 2021Just the Facts 24 November 2021
COP26 – A Step in the Right DirectionEMI Blog 22 November 2021
The Rule of Law in the EUJust the Facts08 November 2021
What is Article 16?Just the Facts 01 November 2021
Housing and the Future of EuropeEMI Blog 28 October 2021
The Czech General Election 2021Just the Facts 18 October 2021
The German General Election 2021Just the Facts28 September 2021 
HERA – The European Health Emergency preparedness and Response AuthorityJust the Facts 21 September 2021
The State of the European Union 2021Just the Facts13 September 2021
EMI Analysis: Looking ahead to Germany’s federal electionJust the Facts03 September 2021
Time to Stand Up for the Rule of Law in EuropeEMI Blog 30 August 2021 
Fit for 55 – Climate Target Action PlanJust the Facts 22 July 2021 
Bulgarian General Election, July 2021Just the Facts 14 July 2021 
EU Recovery and Gender Equality, June 2021Just the Facts 14 June 2021
Cypriot General Election 2021Just the Facts09 June 2021
Corporate Taxation in the EUJust the Facts27 May 2021 
A Fresh Look at the EU Vaccines StrategyJust the Facts 24 May 2021
EU must learn lessons from the past as it consults citizens on its futureEMI Blog 20 May 2021 
The Conference on the Future of Europe: How EU citizens will have their sayJust the Facts 10 May 2021
Bulgarian General Election 2021Just the Facts 12 April 2021
Brexit Bites: EducationJust the Facts 22 March 2021
Brexit Bites: EnergyJust the Facts 22 March 2021 
The Dutch General Election 2021Just the Facts 19 March 2021
Disinformation and the EUJust the Facts 15 March 2021
Brexit Bites: TravelJust the Facts 07 March 2021 
Brexit Bites: HealthcareJust the Facts07 March 2021
Brexit Bites: Consumer RightsJust the Facts 22 February 2021 
Brexit Bites: Trade & BusinessJust the Facts 22 February 2021
EMI Analysis: Mobility in the EU’s Labour Market: Selected TrendsJust the Facts 11 February 2021 
Brexit Bites: Data ProtectionJust the Facts 07 February 2021 
Brexit Bites: Personal FinanceJust the Facts 07 February 2021
Why Michel Barnier is our European of the YearEMI Blog 25 January 2021 
Armin Laschet: The Man to Replace Merkel?Just the Facts 18 January 2021 
The EU-UK Trade & Cooperation Agreement: ExplainedJust the Facts 15 January 2021 
What is the EU Digital Services Act packageJust the Facts11 January 2021


Title Category Publishing Date 
Romanian General Election, December 2020 Just the Facts 17 December 2020 
Covid-19 vaccines, Ireland and the EU Just the Facts 30 November 2020 
How Brexit will impact Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community? EMI Blog 22 November 2020 
Are Albania & North Macedonia ready for EU membership? Just the Facts 16 November 2020 
Lithuanian General Election, October 2020 Just the Facts 02 November 2020 
EU Infringement Procedures and the UK Internal Market Bill Just the Facts 20 October 2020 
The Landbridge, Ireland and Brexit EMI Blog 06 October 2020 
The UK Internal Market Bill, what happens next? Just the Facts 28 September 2020 
Brexit may be bleak but Ireland has many allies throughout Europe and beyond EMI Blog 24 September 2020 
Hopes and Expectations of the State of the European Union 2020 EMI Blog 15 September 2020 
What to expect from the 2020 State of the European Union Just the Facts 14 September 2020 
Somewhere over the Rainbow: LGBTI+ Rights in the EU Just the Facts 07 September 2020 
From Pills to Gills: Brexit Preparations in the Pharmaceutical and Fishing Industries Just the Facts 01 September 2020 
Appointing a new European Commissioner Just the Facts 28 August 2020 
Finding the Right Words: Why Communication is Central to Europe’s Future EMI Blog 23 July 2020 
From Helsinki to Brussels to Dublin – Reflections on the EU EMI Blog 20 July 2020 
From Lynch to Martin – The Future of Ireland, the UK and the EU Just the Facts 17 July 2020 
Ireland’s Programme for Government: The EU and European issues Just the Facts 13 July 2020 
President of the Eurogroup Just the Facts 06 July 2020 
The EU Budget: What’s Next? Just the Facts 28 June 2020 
Mapping Europe’s Economic Recovery Post-COVID-19 Just the Facts 11 June 2020 
EU Support for Tourism: Bouncing Back from COVID Just the Facts 05 June 2020 
Two ships passing in the night: Fisheries in Brexit Just the Facts 28 May 2020 
The EU and Sea Ports on the island of Ireland during COVID-19 Just the Facts 21 May 2020 
COVID-19 contact tracing apps and the EU Just the Facts 12 May 2020 
Back to Europe’s Future? EMI Blog 08 May 2020 
Under the Microscope: EU Scientific Research and COVID-19 Just the Facts 24 April 2020 
Fly Them Home: The EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism during COVID-19 Just the Facts 16 April 2020 
EU internal borders, critical supplies and COVID19 Just the Facts 08 April 2020 
Best Supporting Actor? The EU’s evolving role in the Coronavirus crisis Just the Facts 07 April 2020 
Procuring emergency medical supplies across the EU Just the Facts 03 April 2020 
Slovakian General Election, March 2020Just the Facts 03 March 2020 
Irish General Election, February 2020 Just the Facts 14 February 2020 
2020 General Election Overview – EU, Europe and Brexit Just the Facts 05 February 2020 
A Churchillian Brexit EMI Blog 31 January 2020 
Ursula von der Leyen: A Profile All EU Need to Know 15 January 2020 
Singapore-upon-Thames”: A buccaneering Britain after Brexit? EMI Blog 06 January 2020 


TitleCategoryPublishing Date
EU Fishing Negotiations for 2020Just the Facts19 December 2019
Who are the youngest leaders in the EU?Just the Facts17 December 2019
The UK General Election, December 2019 | Northern Ireland ‘All Change And More’Just the Facts13 December 2019
The European Union and the Good Friday Agreement: the EU’s involvement in peaceED Blog10 December 2019
Romanian Presidential Election, November 2019Just the Facts29 November 2019
Removing Barriers from Berlin to BelcooED Blog21 November 2019
Spanish General Election, November 2019Just the Facts12 November 2019
European Council Summit, 17-18 October 2019Just the Facts18 October 2019
Polish General Election, October 2019Just the Facts17 October 2019
Portuguese General Election, October 2019Just the Facts07 October 2019
Austrian General Election | September 2019Just the Facts30 September 2019
Borders, Precedence and BrexitED Blog26 September 2019
“The European Way of Life”Just the Facts19 September 2019
The New EUAll EU Need To Know23 July 2019
Greek General Election, July 2019Just the Facts11 July 2019
Danish General Election, June 2019Just the Facts06 June 2019
Ireland and the European Parliament numbers gameED Blog30 May 2019
Lithuanian Presidential Election, May 2019Just the Facts27 May 2019
Belgian General Election, May 2019Just the Facts27 May 2019
Who will be the next President of the European Commission?ED Blog09 May 2019
Spanish General Election, April 2019Just the Facts01 May 2019
Finnish General Election, April 2019Just the Facts16 April 2019
Brexit’s Three LanesJust the Facts12 April 2019
Slovakian Presidential ElectionJust the Facts03 April 2019
The Price of Brexit, and the Value of the EUED Blog01 April 2019
Who’s Who? The Political Groups of the European Parliament.ED Blog22 March 2019
Extending BrexitJust the Facts15 March 2019
Living and working in Europe, how does Ireland measure up?Just the Facts14 March 2019
Estonian General Election, March 2019Just the Facts05 March 2019
UK Politics, EU Preparations, and a No Deal BrexitAll EU Need To Know27 February 2019
Do the European Parliament elections matter?ED Blog13 February 2019
Romania’s Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts30 January 2019
Five options following the Westminster voteAll EU Need To Know16 January 2019



TitleCategoryPublishing Date
European Council Summit, 13-14 DecemberJust the Facts14 December 2018
The Multiannual Financial FrameworkAll EU Need To Know13 December 2018
EFTA and The EEA AgreementAll EU Need To Know12 December 2018
The Meaningful Vote, 11 December 2018All EU Need To Know7 December 2018
Special Meeting of the European Council, 25 November 2018Just the Facts25 November 2018
The Draft Withdrawal Agreement, 14 November 2018All EU Need To Know14 November 2018
The Common Travel Area ExplainedAll EU Need To Know22 October 2018
European Council Summit, 17-18 October 2018Just the Facts19 October 2018
Luxembourg General Election, 14 October 2018Just the Facts14 October 2018
Latvian General Election, 6 October 2018Just the Facts06 October 2018
Reflections on SalzburgED Blog28 September 2018
Informal European Council Meeting, 19-20 September 2018Just the Facts21 September 2018
State of the European Union Address, 2018Just the Facts12 September 2018
Swedish General Election, 9 September 2018Just the Facts10 September 2018
Riksdag Runners and RidersED Blog07 September 2018
UK White Paper on Legislating for the Withdrawal Agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union, 24 July 2018All EU Need To Know24 July 2018
UK White Paper on the Future Relationship between the UK and the EU, 12 July 2018All EU Need To Know16 July 2018
Migration and the Refugee CrisisAll EU Need To Know02 July 2018
Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts01 July 2018
European Council Summit, 28-29 June 2018Just the Facts29 June 2018
UK EU Withdrawal Bill AmendmentsAll EU Need To Know15 June 2018
Slovenian General Election, 3 June 2018Just the Facts03 June 2018
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Just the Facts22 May 2018
EU-Western Balkans Summit, 17 May 2018Just the Facts18 May 2018
Hungarian General Election, 8 April 2018Just the Facts09 April 2018
Hungary Goes To The PollsED Blog06 April 2018
European Council Summit 22-23 March 2018Just the Facts24 March 2018
Italian General Election 2018, 4 March 2018Just the Facts04 March 2018
Imprevedibile ItaliaED Blog02 March 2018
Informal European Council meeting, 23 February 2018Just the Facts24 February 2018
Spitzenkandidaten explainedAll EU Need To Know21 February 2018
The change in composition of the European Parliament explainedAll EU Need To Know21 February 2018
Cyprus Presidential Election 2018Just the Facts29 January 2018
Finnish Presidential Election, 28 January 2018Just the Facts29 January 2018
Czech Presidential Election 2018Just the Facts28 January 2018
Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts07 January 2018


European Council Summit, 14-15 December 2017Just the Facts18 December 2017
“Ni neart go cur le cheile”ED Blog14 December 2017
College of EuropeJust the Facts06 December 2017
Slovenian Presidential ElectionsJust the Facts14 November 2017
Czech Parliamentary ElectionJust the Facts25 October 2017
European Council Summit, 19-20 October 2017Just the Facts24 October 2017
Austrian Federal Elections, 15 October 2017Just the Facts18 October 2017
German Federal Elections, 24 September 2017Just the Facts26 September 2017
State of the European Union Address, 13 September 2017Just the Facts13 September 2017
Staying in the EU remains in Ireland’s national interestED Blog06 September 2017
EU and UK Documents and Position Papers on BrexitJust the Facts06 September 2017
Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts13 July 2017
Seanad Special Select Committee on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union Report on Brexit: Implications and Potential SolutionsJust the Facts07 July 2017
European Council Summit, 22-23 June 2017Just the Facts26 June 2017
French Parliamentary ElectionsJust the Facts19 June 2017
Abolition of roaming charges in the EU, 15 June 2017Just the Facts15 June 2017
UK General Election, 8 June 2017Just the Facts09 June 2017
Maltese General Election, 3 June 2017Just the Facts07 June 2017
French Presidential ElectionsJust the Facts09 May 2017
Special European Council on Article 50 Negotiations, 29 April 2017Just the Facts02 May 2017
‘#Presidentielle2017- Constructing the context of Brexit’ED Blog28 April 2017
B-Day in BrusselsED Blog10 April 2017
Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections, 26 March 2017Just the Facts28 March 2017
Rome Declaration, 25 March 2017Just the Facts25 March 2017
60 years on from the Treaty of Rome, the idea of Europe is more important than everED Blog24 March 2017
Netherlands Parliamentary Election, 15 March 2017Just the Facts16 March 2017
European Council Summit, 9-10 March 2017Just the Facts13 March 2017
Article 50 ExplainedAll EU Need To Know08 March 2017
Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 2 March 2017Just the Facts07 March 2017
Informal Summit of the European Council, 3 February 2017 (Valletta Summit)Just the Facts06 February 2017
Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts26 January 2017
European Parliament Presidential Elections, 17 January 2017Just the Facts18 January 2017



European Council Summit, 15-16 December 2016Just the Facts20 December 2016
Romanian Parliamentary Elections, 11 December 2016Just the Facts14 December 2016
Italian Constitutional Referendum, 4 December 2016Just the Facts06 December 2016
Austrian Presidential Election Re-Run, 4 December 2016Just the Facts05 December 2016
Presidential Election and Referendum in BulgariaJust the Facts15 November 2016
The Paris Agreement Enters into Force, 4 November 2016Just the Facts04 November 2016
Spain Succeeds in Forming a GovernmentJust the Facts01 November 2016
Common Consolidated Corporate Tax BaseJust the Facts28 October 2016
Lithuanian Parliamentary ElectionsJust the Facts26 October 2016
European Council Summit, 20 -21 October 2016Just the Facts25 October 2016
Estonian Presidential ElectionJust the Facts11 October 2016
Hungarian Referendum on Refugee Quotas, 2 October 2016Just the Facts02 October 2016
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU Membership ApplicationJust the Facts28 September 2018
Bratislava Summit of 27 EU Member States, 16 September 2016Just the Facts21 September 2018
State of the European Union Address, 14 September 2016Just the Facts14 September 2016
Croatian Parliamentary Election, 11 September 2016Just the Facts13 September 2016
The Apple-Ireland State Aid InvestigationJust the Facts07 September 2016
European Banking System following UK ReferendumJust the Facts
Migration into EuropeJust the Facts 09 August 2016
Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European UnionJust the Facts20 July 2016
European Council Summit, 28-29 June 2016Just the Facts30 June 2016
The Spanish General ElectionJust the Facts28 June 2016
The UK Referendum on EU Membership, 23 June 2016Just the Facts27 June 2016
A New Settlement for the UK in the EUJust the Facts09 June 2016
UK referendum on EU membership – opinion polls and turnoutJust the Facts02 June 2016
The UK referendum on EU membership and Northern IrelandJust the Facts27 May 2016
Cyprus Parliamentary Elections, 22 May 2016Just the Facts26 May 2016
The Austrian Presidential Elections – second round, 22 May 2016Just the Facts24 May 2016
Voting methods for voters living in the UK in the referendum on EU membershipJust the Facts19 May 2016
Voting from abroad in the UK referendum on EU membershipJust the Facts12 May 2016
The Austrian Presidential ElectionJust the Facts26 April 2016
Official campaigns named for the UK referendum on EU membershipJust the Facts15 April 2016
Dutch Referendum on the Ukraine-EU Association AgreementJust the Facts
EU Referendum GroupsJust the Facts14 April 2016
The European Union, Turkey and the Migrant Crisis – The March European Council SummitJust the Facts30 March 2016
Brexit – Eligibility; Postal votingJust the Facts01 March 2016
European Council settlement deal with UKJust the Facts
Netherlands Presidency of the Council of the EUJust the Facts15 January 2016


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