The Green Book

The Green Book: An Irish Trainee’s Guide to Living and Working in Brussels (& other nice European cities) is the essential guide to starting your career in the EU.

Developed by veterans of the EU Institutions and the stage programme and updated annually with the most up-to-date information, The Green Book contains everything you need to know about finding a traineeship; navigating the applications process; living in Brussels and Strasbourg; and turning your traineeship into a permanent role.

You can now read the latest Green Book below via our online flipbook below, or download via PDF for your convenience.

“The Green Book is a must read for those setting off on a career in Brussels and offers many tips and insights, both professional and social, which make the transition to a career in the “EU Bubble” all the easier.”

The Green Book 2023 Volume

“The Green Book is one of our most popular publications here at EM Ireland. It is also a hugely important part of our Grad Jobs in Europe campaign which aims to make Irish students, graduates and jobseekers more aware of the career opportunities available in the EU system, and provides encouragement, guidance and useful advice to help them find and get the position they want. In the EM Ireland office, we consistently receive encouraging feedback from students, stagiaires and jobseekers who have benefited from the information and advice contained in The Green Book. This little book has continuously grown and evolved to meet the needs of its readers, to reflect the reality of the job scene, and to highlight new career and traineeship opportunities that arise. I hope this guide encourages you to dip your toe in European waters.”

Noelle O Connell, CEO of European Movement Ireland

Flipbook version:

Grad Jobs in Europe

If you are looking to work on major contemporary issues, like climate change, migration, security, trade and the digital economy, in a multi-national, multi-lingual environment, a career in the EU Institutions or Agencies could be for you.

The EU employs over 40,000 people from backgrounds as diverse as law, veterinary science and information technology.  EU jobs are based in the EU Institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and other European cities or in EU Agencies across the Member States.

EM Ireland works to raise awareness of the careers opportunities available in the EU and provides guidance to help you find and apply for the role that’s right for you.

We are also part of the EU Jobs Ireland network, coordinated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, which provides essential information about the types of jobs that are available in the EU and advice on applications.

Career Talks

EM Ireland gives talks on career opportunities in the EU to universities, Institutes of Technology and third-level colleges around the country.

While tailored to the needs and interests of each audience, these talks broadly cover:

  • Traineeships in the European Commission (Blue Book), the European Parliament (Robert Schuman) and other EU institutions;
  • Open competitions for permanent roles within the EU institutions (concours) and the EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office) procedure;
  • Temporary and contractual opportunities;
  • Work conditions;
  • Traineeships and job opportunities in the countless organisations that surround the EU Institutions in Brussels and elsewhere.

For more information on EM Ireland’s upcoming career talks, or to arrange one for your class, faculty, club or society, contact

Jobs List

EM Ireland’s Jobs and Traineeships in Europe webpage is updated weekly with details of the most recent European job and traineeship opportunities.

Employers, if you would like to advertise a job or traineeship position with EM Ireland, please send an email containing all the relevant details to

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EU Jobs

The EU Institutions serve 450 million people across 27 Member States.  The scope of the work is exceptional, as are the career opportunities available.  Whatever your background, the EU offers the chance to pursue a unique international career where you can make a real and lasting difference.

But with so many opportunities on offer, knowing where to start might not seem easy.  The EU Jobs Ireland campaign ( was launched in 2012 to help you take the first step.  European Movement Ireland are pleased to work with the Department of the Taoiseach and Department of Foreign Affairs on this campaign to increase awareness of the job and internship opportunities available in Europe for Irish graduates.

Coordinated by the Department, EU Jobs Ireland draws on the expertise of some of Ireland’s leading EU stakeholders – including European Movement Ireland, the European Commission Representation in Ireland, the European Parliament Information Office in Ireland and the Public Appointments Service – to provide Irish citizens with essential information about the types of jobs that are available in the EU and advice on how to set about securing them.

Online information services include a website (, Twitter feed (@eujobsireland) through which you can keep up to date with the latest news on EU recruitment.  And, to support you in turning an application into a job, the campaign offers targeted support and training to Irish candidates ahead of specific recruitment competitions.