Vital to register by tomorrow to vote in UK EU Referendum

Dublin, Monday, 6 June 2016: Chairman of European Movement (EM) Ireland Maurice Pratt is calling on Irish parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends to ‘phone or text their Irish relatives and contacts in Britain on today’s Bank Holiday to remind them that tomorrow (Tuesday, 7 June) is the registration deadline for the UK’s historical EU membership referendum on June 23rd.  It is also the deadline for British people living in Ireland.

“Although it may seem counter-intuitive, Irish born people in Britain have the right to vote in the forthcoming UK referendum on its EU membership which will take place on 23 June”, said Mr Pratt, “While European Movement Ireland is not advocating how people should vote, we believe strongly that a European Union without the UK as a member would be bad for Ireland, bad for Europe and bad for the UK itself.”

EM Ireland’s Executive Director Noelle O Connell added, “The vote on their continued EU membership is ultimately a decision for the UK electorate.  Whatever the outcome, it will be respected. That said, we have a particular interest, a special voice and a unique perspective in this debate, not least the 500,000 or so Irish people living in the UK and the wider Irish diaspora of 5 million British people with at least one Irish born grandparent.”

“While believing that a ‘Brexit’ would be a very undesirable result, European Movement Ireland has focussed our efforts on providing independent, factual information about the referendum. We are also urging the Irish in Britain and the British in Ireland to register online to vote by tomorrow’s (June 7th) deadline.  No matter how people decide to vote, it’s absolutely vital that they have their say on this once in a generation decision on Thursday, June 23,” concluded Ms O Connell.


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