Know Your Eastern European Neighbours

European Movement Ireland, in co-operation with the Embassy of Georgia, Embassy of the Republic of Moldovia and Embassy of Ukraine, were delighted to recently recorded an exchange on ‘Know your Eastern European Neighbours’.

The recording, with Ambassadors each of the three Embassies, and chaired by our Deputy CEO Stephen O’ Shea, discussed their country’s historic links to Ireland, together with the economic and diplomatic relations that they each have with Ireland. The discussion features presentations about the cultural and tourism highlights of each country, their economic profiles, as well as their relations with the EU and their views on accession.

Together with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus, these countries form the Eastern Partnership, a joint policy initiative which aims to deepen and strengthen relations between these countries and the EU. This done through deepening economic and social ties, such as market opportunities to greater people-to-people contacts.



  • Speakers: George Zurabashvili, Ambassador of Georgia to Ireland
  • Larisa Miculet, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Ireland
  • Olena Shaloput, Chargé d’Affaires to Ireland from Ukraine



  • Stephen O’Shea, Deputy CEO of EM Ireland