Ireland’s first presidency occurred two years into our membership, in 1974. During this time Ireland hosted the first formal European council where the heads of state and government all met in Dublin.

Amid Ireland’s second rotation of presidency the first direct European elections were held. For the first time European citizens directly elected representatives to the European Parliament. In the 1979 election Ireland elected 15 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

Ireland’s third presidency achieved the agreement of humanitarian aid in Africa. Member States agreed to send an addition £23 billion and 100 tonnes of grains.

The fourth Irish presidency was centred around German unification. During the special meeting that was held in Dublin, a common approach between the Member States was taken to allow for smooth integration of East Germany into the Union.

During Ireland’s fifth presidency several agreements were reached regarding to the single European currency (Euro), including the legal framework and new exchange rate mechanism.

Ireland’s last President occurred in 2004. It is known as ‘The Day of Welcomes’, where 10 new Member States joined the EU, the largest single enlargement in EU history.