An archived note from Ireland's first submission to the Convention on the Future of Europe

Between 2002 and 2003, The Convention of the Future of Europe was brought together to draft a constitution on the enlargement of Europe. Neville Keery, who had been key in campaign to join the EEC back in the 1970’s represented Ireland.  

Neville Keery observed that his role was to strive to influence the Convention. To do so, prior to the convention, the ICEM drafted a submission which included Irish interests and the kind of Europe that Ireland wanted, to be discussed during the Convention.  

Throughout the various forums of the convention, Nevile Keery emphasized the significance of the ‘Community Method’ of the Convention. That aspect of the convention was the heart of the Convention, according to him. His influence and impact on the Convention was essential.  

The outcome of the Convention resulted in the treaty establishing the Constitution for Europe.  

Since then, the Convention of the Future of Europe has continued to evolve. The original concept of “The Community Method” of the Convention, has developed into the Conference of the Future of Europe (CoFoE). During CoFoE ccitizens across Europe were given the opportunity to put forward their views about the type of EU they wished to see develop in the years ahead.

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