As part of our ‘Just The Facts’ service, we will be analysing the EU’s response to the Coronavirus crisis.

European Movement Ireland will play its part in the nationwide solidarity needed to face the spread of COVID-19. This is a time for us all to look out for one another, listen to the professionals, and follow the advice and guidance of experts.

We encourage everyone to follow updates from HSE Ireland and the Department of Health, who continue to provide useful links and practical information during this unprecedented time.

We look forward to continuing to work and engage with all of our members and friends.

Team in European Movement Ireland.

Procuring emergency medical supplies across the EU

For the European Union (EU), past weaknesses during major public health crises, like the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in the early 2000’s or the SARs epidemic in 2003, led to the emergence of new and improved procurement processes and crisis-response mechanisms. However, it would be the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 that would be the catalyst for the emergence of the EU’s Joint Procurement mechanism.   During…