Youth Media and the Irish Presidency (YMIP)

Bringing a fresh, youth-focused perspective to coverage of Ireland’s EU Presidency

Youth Media and the Irish Presidency (YMIP) is an all-Ireland programme developed by European Movement Ireland in collaboration with a number of partner organisations north and south of the border.  The aim of YMIP was to open up the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union to the young people of Ireland by recruiting a team of 25 young citizen journalists to report on the Presidency and broader European affairs.

Following the conclusion of the Irish Presidency, on Wednesday 20 November 2013, Senator Jillian van Turnhout launched the Final Report on YMIP, entitled Irish Presidency of the EU: A Youth Perspective.  Read and download the Report here.
The YMIP Journalists

Recruited from across the island of Ireland, our journalists were aged between 18 and 25 and all enthusiastic communicators, innovators and changemakers.  EM Ireland worked with our partner organisations to recruit participants from schools, colleges and youth clubs across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  The YMIP team was then brought together in Dublin for training and their first assignment – coverage of the launch of the European Year of Citizens 2013 and a Citizens’ Dialogue in Dublin City Hall – on 9 and 10 January 2013.

From then until the end of the Irish Presidency on 30 June 2013, our team of journalists were present at all the major Presidency events, attending and covering Informal Meetings of Ministers; press conferences; the visit to Ireland of Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund; international conferences; and more.  Their presence at, and coverage of, these events brought a new perspective to Presidency proceedings – that of Irish and European young people.  Not only were they raising awareness of the Presidency among their peers and in their local areas throughout the island of Ireland, they were also promoting young people and their levels of engagement and interest to the politicians and other groups at these events.

You can read, listen to, watch and look at their extensive coverage of Ireland’s Presidency in the YMIP blog.  And if that’s not enough, why not get to know the journalists?

Meet the Partners

YMIP would not have been possible without the work and support of our partner organisations – Community Relations in Schools (CRIS), European Movement Northern Ireland, and Youth Advocate Programmes (YAP) Ireland – and Marion Creely, the programme’s Media Consultant.  Learn more about the partner organisations.

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YMIP journalists Carlynn McCarthy, Dave Nowak, Laura Mc Loughlin and Clodagh Garry at the launch of the YMIP Report "Irish Presidency of the EU: A Youth Perspective"

The reporting stage of YMIP came to a close with the end of the Irish Presidency on 30 June 2013.  If you are interested in learning more about YMIP, you can read or download the Final Report on the Programme, Irish Presidency of the EU: A Youth Perspective.  The Report gathers together a selection of the young citizen journalists’ coverage of the Irish Presidency, as well as insights from our partner organisations, outcomes and conclusion of YMIP and an overview of the Programme itself.

If you have questions about YMIP, or are organising an event which you think would be of interest to the YMIP journalists, email the EM Ireland offices at or on 01 662 5815.

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