Reform and Referendum – The UK, Ireland and the Future of Europe

On Monday 22 February 2016, EM Ireland hosted a panel discussion on the UK’s reform agenda and forthcoming referendum on EU membership.

Kindly supported by ESB, the event took place just days after the European Council Summit, at which EU Heads of State discussed and agreed on the UK’s proposals for reforms of its EU membership, and the subsequent announcement by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that a referendum would be held on Thursday 23 June 2016.

At the event, an expert panel discussed the forthcoming referendum and the possible implications for Ireland should the UK leave the EU.  The event was moderated by EM Ireland Executive Director, Noelle O Connell.  Speaking at the event were:

  • Richard Colwell, CEO of Red C Research
  • Michelle O’Donnell Keating, Co-Founder of Women for Election and Women for Europe
  • Jim Power, Economist
  • John Webster, Head of the Scottish Government Office in Ireland


If you would like to read more about the event, you can download the presentations delivered on the day below.

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