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PRESS RELEASE: A European Education Improves Job Prospects at Home and Abroad

EM Ireland encourages CAO applicants to consider EU-related third-level courses

Dublin, 28 January 2013: With the first CAO deadline of 1 February now fast approaching, European Movement Ireland (EM Ireland) reminds students that European languages and subjects can offer both a boost to job prospects and an opportunity to live and work abroad.

In a job market where competition for positions is rife, developing a unique skillset is what sets candidates apart from the crowd.  Working in an increasingly globalised world, and competing in an increasingly global workplace, has placed more demands on graduates than ever before to distinguish themselves from their peers.

In a 2012 Eurobarometer poll, 43% of Irish respondents identified language skills as being useful to them at work, including when travelling abroad on business, while 59% identified the ability to work in another country as the main advantage to learning a foreign language.  A good knowledge of foreign languages, including the working languages of the EU, English, French and German, can open countless careers doors for students.  As well as offering a clearly attractive prospect for potential multi-national employers, well-rounded language skills will equip students with the skills and confidence to travel, live and work around the globe.

From April 2011 to April 2012, 36,000 people under-25 emigrated from Ireland.  With a record numbers of young Irish people emigrating to North America, Canada and Australia every day, developing a Europe-friendly skillset and knowledge base can also allow graduates to fulfil their career ambitions much closer to home.  Countless job and internship opportunities exist within the European Institutions and Agencies and across Europe’s capital cities in general.  Familiarity with European actors, organisations and policies can be useful in a wide range of fields from Business and Economics to Engineering and Politics.

With Ireland currently holding the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU, and with hundreds of official and informal events accompanying this Presidency, there has never been a better time for students to immerse themselves in EU studies.  This exciting and important time in Irish political life offers students an excellent opportunity to seen behind the workings of the Union, to get close to key political actors and to have their voice heard on the EU stage.

European Movement Ireland Executive Director, Noelle O Connell, this morning urged students to think about these opportunities when making their choice: ‘’There is no doubt that these are challenging times for young Irish students and graduates looking to forge a career at home.  For that reason, we want Irish young people to look to Europe to fulfil their careers ambitions just as much as their European counterparts might.  Language skills need not be a barrier for graduates, whose work ethic and collaborative skills are highly prized at an EU level.  EM Ireland is on-hand to provide advice and guidance for any student considering a career in Europe.  Whether that is advice on any of the EU-related third-level courses on offer in Ireland, or guidance on work experience in Brussels, we are here to help.’’



Notes for Editors

About European Movement Ireland

Founded in 1954, European Movement Ireland is a not-for-profit, voluntary, membership organisation working to make the connection between Irish people and the European Union and to ensure that European issues are discussed in Ireland through reasoned, robust and informed debate.  For more information about European Movement Ireland’s campaigns, programmes, information briefings and events, visit www.europeanmovement.ie.

Through the many elements of the Grad Jobs in Europe campaign, EM Ireland works to is to make Irish graduates and jobseekers more aware of the opportunities available in the EU system and to provide encouragement, guidance and useful advice to help these graduates find and get the position they want.  More info is available at www.europeanmovement.ie/grad-jobs-in-europe/.

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EM Ireland’s Executive Director, Noelle O’Connell is available for interview and comment.

Please contact EM Ireland Communications Manager, Jenny Flynn, on 01 662 5815 or email jenny@europeanmovement.ie.

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