NGO/CV Briefing on the Priorities of the Irish Presidency

On Wednesday 10 October, EM Ireland held a briefing for members of the Irish non-governmental, community and voluntary sectors on Ireland’s forthcoming Presidency of the Council of the EU.  The conference, which was widely attended by a broad range of civil society representatives, was held in the Department of the Taoiseach.

At this event, Minister Lucinda Creighton gave a detailed briefing on Ireland’s Presidency Agenda, stating that the overriding focus for the Presidency will be to stimulate economic growth and job creation.  She also went into detail on some of the key priorities to date, which include developing the Digital Market to improve online commerce, strengthening the Single Market and Trade between the EU and its global partners, eliminating barriers to employment abroad, educational reform in line with Commission recommendations, finalising the EU priorities for environmental protection for the coming years, and enhancing Ireland’s role at the UN on Human Rights issues.

Here at EM Ireland we are excited about collaborating extensively with organisations all over Ireland in the coming months and beyond.  We would love to hear from anyone who may want to have an event included in the EM Ireland Presidency Calendar or who would like to collaborate on Presidency projects.  Please email

Photos of the NGO/CV Briefing are now uploaded to the EM Ireland Facebook Page.

Any member who would like more detailed information about the issues discussed at this event, please do contact the EM Ireland office.

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