Joint Statement from European Movement Conference in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, 5 December 2017: European Movement Ireland welcomed the meeting of European Movement National Councils from the islands of Ireland and Britain yesterday to discuss the impact of Brexit on these islands, their people and the nations we represent.

The event was hosted by European Movement Scotland in association with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and held in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

In a joint statement issued following the event, European Movement National Councils from across the two islands said: “At the heart of our concerns is the lives of citizens.  Working together in Europe for over 40 years has put Europe at the centre of citizens’ lives, whether they are students, in business, or in other walks of life. It is important to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of citizens from all parts of these two islands are represented in the Brexit negotiations.

“Today we once again committed to working together over the crucial coming weeks, months, and indeed years, to ensuring that the common issues faced by all our citizens are properly reflected in the debate.  We reconfirmed our agreement that it is essential that all parts of the two islands should continue to collaborate to do so.”

“The European Movement is about bringing Europeans together and therefore ensuring that every part of these two islands has a voice in the Brexit negotiations.”

Speakers who addressed the Two Islands Brexit event in Edinburgh were:

  • Bill Rodger, European Movement in Scotland
  • Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, Edinburgh West
  • Hilary Arrowsmith, European Movement UK
  • Remarks by Noelle O’Connell, European Movement Ireland
  • Ian Parsley, European Movement Northern Ireland
  • Jayne Richmond, European Movement Wales
  • Hans-Hartwig Blomeier, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung



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