In the news today – 10/01/2012

In the news today – 10/01/2012

Mr Ganley’s bold idea
The Irish Times

Troika officials return to Dublin for quarterly review
The Irish Times

More of the same from leadership duo
The Irish Times

Election payback drives Sarkozy’s conversion to transaction tax
The Irish Times

No rate cut expected as ECB chief ‘takes a breather’
The Irish Indepedent

IMF inspectors return to enforce bailout conditions
The Irish Independent

German yields negative as Merkel-Sarkozy talks fail to reassure
The Irish Independent

Troika back to review progress on bailout deal
The Irish Examiner

British deputy PM: EU veto is ‘temporary’
The EU Observer

Angela Merkel warns Greece: no bondholder deal, no bailout
The Guardian

Eric Cantona announces bid for French presidency
The Telegraph

Troika begins latest loan review
RTÉ News

Merkel: Greece debt deal urgent
BBC News

Germany and France Warn Greece on Bailout Money
The New York Times

Greek Bailout in Peril
The Wall Street Journal

Österreich profitiert am meisten vom Euro
Die Welt

Europa sollte kleine Brötchen backen
Die Welt

Republicans Bash Europe in Search of Votes
Der Spiegel

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