In the News – 19/02/2014

At least 25 killed as Ukraine protests continue
The Irish Times

Merkel strikes conciliatory tone with Swiss after migration vote
The Irish Times

Britain’s pledge to repatriate powers likely to be resisted, says Day
The Irish Times

Carnage in Kiev as riot police fire on protesters in stand-off
Irish Independent

Pharma ‘patent cliff’ a drag on this year’s growth figures, says Noonan
The Irish Times

German concessions open way to bank rescue plan
Irish Examiner

Yanukovich’s attempt to quell protests meets fierce resistance

Schäuble: ‘We are ready to speed up’ EU bank rescue fund

Brussels and Berlin near agreement over green energy rebates

Germany: EU to consider sanctions on Ukraine
EU Observer

Merkel warns against rush to punish Switzerland for EU vote

EU migrants must earn £149 a week to claim benefits


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