In the News – 12/09/2012

In the News – 12/09/2012

German court to rule on constitutionality of ESM
The Irish Times

IMF’s stark recipe for Ireland
The Irish Times

Noonan says there is no need to avail of ECB bond deal
The Irish Times

Spanish PM rules out cuts for aid package
The Independent

German Constitutional Court says ESM, Fiscal Compact approach is constitutional

RTE News

EU ‘needs to move towards federation of nation states’ – Jose Manuel Barroso
RTE News

Eurozone crisis live: German court approves bailout fund, with conditions
The Guardian

Dutch vote overshadowed by eurozone debt crisis
BBC News

EU Recruits ECB to Lead National Regulators in Bank-Crisis Fight

Court Allows Germany To Ratify Bailout Fund
The Wall street Journal

Bundestag powers over bailout fund key to German court approval
EU Observer

ECB to become bank union supremo from mid-2013
EU Observer

MEPs warn over EU’s budget battle

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