LETTER: Europe Matters. Your Voice Matters. Have your Say on Friday 23 May.

From Thursday 22 May to Sunday 25 May 2014, over 380 million citizens from across the 28 Member States of the EU will go to the polls to elect the European Parliament’s 751 members.  This Friday 23 May, over three million people in Ireland will have our opportunity to have our say on who to elect as our 11 MEPs who will represent us in the European Parliament for the next five years.

In recent years, as this country has experienced seismic economic shifts, ‘Europe’ has been at the forefront of the Irish national media and the forefront of the minds of the citizens living and working here.  What happens in Europe has a knock-on effect in Ireland – the EU’s successes are our successes, its challenges are our challenges and, regardless of the difficulties we both may face, our futures are inextricably linked.

We in European Movement Ireland do not endorse any political party or any candidate, whether party-affiliated or independent.  However, what we do endorse is the democratic process.

We are fortunate in modern-day Ireland that we have the right to vote; however with that right comes a responsibility to exercise that right.

Very important issues face the next European Parliament.  It has never been more vital that Irish people participate in our democratic process and provide whoever we elect with the strongest mandate possible.

Have your say about what type of Europe you want for the next five years.  Make sure your vote counts this Friday.

Maurice Pratt
European Movement Ireland


An edited version of this letter appeared in the Irish Independent on Wednesday, 21 May 2014.


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