Governance and Transparency

EM Ireland’s commitment to transparency and good practice.

Who We Are – Overview

European Movement Ireland is Ireland’s longest established not-for-profit, non-partisan voluntary membership-based organisation dealing with Irish-European affairs. EM Ireland was founded in 1954 to advocate for Irish membership of the European Economic Community. Today, our mission is to develop the connection between Ireland and Europe through promoting understanding, engagement and debate. Read our Mission Statement here.

Our goal is to ensure that European issues are discussed in Ireland in a reasoned, robust and fair manner. All of our work, programmes, goals and activities are underpinned by a commitment to transparency, accountability, engagement and responsibility.

EM Ireland has a proud tradition that the Taoiseach of the day assumes the presidency of the organisation. Our current President is An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD. Our Chairperson is Maurice Pratt and our Vice-Chairperson is Jillian van Turnhout. Our Executive Director is Noelle O Connell. Further information on the members of our Board can be found here.

It is our policy to be open and accountable about our work programme and activities, our sources of funding, our spending, our governance and our leadership.

Our Members

The work that EM Ireland undertakes would not be possible without the support of a wide range of members.  Our broad membership base includes interested individuals, students, public representatives, embassies, government bodies, NGOs, third-level institutions and corporates with an interest in European affairs.  Each member pays a yearly subscription on a sliding scale.  We also have a members’ branch in Brussels for those living outside of Ireland.

Funding and Accountability

EM Ireland’s sources of funding are membership subscriptions, grant-in-aid and income from projects we undertake for organisations that are aligned with our mission and vision. In line with funding challenges being faced by many not-for-profits, we strive to diversify our sustainable funding streams.

Our income is spent on our programmes, activities and information resources in line with the organisation’s goals and objectives. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are keenly aware of ensuring value for money in everything we do. We work hard to achieve more with less. The Board presents an Annual Report and Audited Accounts to our members at our AGM (usually held in September). Previous sets of accounts can be viewed below.

How We Are Organised

EM Ireland is led by a Board of Directors. Our directors are elected at our AGM in accordance with our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Where a vacancy exists, the Board can co-opt members until election at the organisation’s next AGM. The Board sets EM Ireland’s direction and priorities and is responsible for ensuring that it is governed on an effective and accountable basis. Non-executive Board members voluntarily give their time, skills and expertise and are not remunerated. EM Ireland has one executive Board member, its Executive Director, Noelle O Connell, who also reports to the Board and manages the organisation on a day-to-day basis.

There are two standing Board sub-committees (the Audit Committee and the People Matters Committee). They were established to ensure appropriate scrutiny and oversight by the Board. In line with corporate governance best practice, the Board carries out periodic skills audits to ensure that it has an appropriate skillset mix to develop and grow the organisation.

Our People

EM Ireland values all our staff and appreciates their commitment and dedication to the organisation. We aim to be an employer of best practice. We are committed to treating our staff equally and to supporting them with opportunities for personal and professional development. You can find a list of our staff members and their areas of responsibility here.

Staff remuneration is reviewed by the People Matters Committee, approved by the Board and we publish details of our aggregate salary expenditure each year in our annual accounts.

Since its foundation, EM Ireland has had a proud and cherished culture of volunteerism in a variety of forms. We remain very grateful to our many volunteers, stagiaires, friends and supporters who give so generously of their time, energy and commitment in support of the organisation.

Our Work

In line with our mission to promote discourse and enhance public debate on Irish-European matters, all information and publications relating to our varied work programmes and projects is published and made available publicly.  The list of our publications is significant and includes the following non-exclusive selection: annual reports, accounts, briefings, press releases, reports and speeches.  Annual reports and reviews of previous years are also available below.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact our Executive Director, Noelle O Connell, at or by phone on +353 (0)1 662 5815.


EM Ireland’s Annual Reports and Accounts