EM Ireland AGM 2012

On Wednesday, 19 September, EM Ireland’s members attended the organisation’s 2012 Annual General Meeting.  EM Ireland Executive Director, Noelle O Connell, and Chairperson, Maurice Pratt, made brief presentations on EM Ireland’s on-going work programme and on the range of activities and projects planned in preparation for, and during, the forthcoming Irish Presidency.  The 2011 Annual Report was presented to, and adopted by, our members on the night.

Sincere thanks to all our members who attended the meeting and took part in the discussions.  It is because of your support that EM Ireland has been successfully fulfilling its mission since 1954 to increase the connection between Ireland and Europe.

If you have any questions about the AGM or would like to receive a copy of the Annual Report, contact us at info@europeanmovement.ie.

Alternatively, a PDF version of the Annual Report is available to download from here:

EM Ireland 2011 Annual Report Web Version (PDF)

2011 Annual Accounts (PDF)

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