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‘All EU Need To Know’: The change in composition of the European Parliament explained

What is the current composition of the European Parliament? There are currently 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).  The Treaty on European Union (TEU) outlines that no Member State can have fewer than six MEP seats or more than 96.  There is also a policy of ‘degressive proportionality’, whereby […]

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‘All EU Need To Know’: Spitzenkandidaten explained

What is the Spitzenkandidaten process? The Spitzenkandidaten process is a way of giving EU citizens a say in the appointment of the President of the European Commission. Each European Parliament political group selects a lead candidate, which is where the name Spitzenkandidat comes from (it translates as lead candidate from […]

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Just the Facts: Cyprus Presidential Election 2018

Presidential elections took place in the Republic of Cyprus over the course of two rounds of voting, with the first round taking place on 28 January 2018.  Nine candidates stood for election, including the incumbent President, Nicos Anastasiades.  Voters went to the polls once again in the run-off on Sunday, […]

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EM Ireland response to recent comments by Nigel Farage MEP

Dublin, Saturday 3 February 2018: Speaking in response to comments by Nigel Farage MEP on Irish radio this morning, Noelle O Connell, Executive Director of European Movement (EM) Ireland, said: “Since Ireland joined the EU, we have gone from a stagnant economy, heavily reliant on the UK, with a GDP […]

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