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Lancaster House Speech

On 17 January 2017, in a speech at Lancaster House in London, UK Prime Minister Theresa May outlined twelve priorities of the UK government for the Brexit negotiations including a free trade agreement with the EU, continuing cooperation on defence, and maintaining the Common Travel Area with Ireland. She also stated that the UK would be leaving the EU Single Market and not seeking full membership of the EU Customs Union.

Laws (EU)

The European Parliament Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL) estimated that at the beginning of 2017, there were 20,833 EU rules and regulations in effect which applied to the UK and would have to be scrutinised in the negotiations.

Leave Campaign

The campaign for the UK to leave the EU was led by Vote Leave, guided by Chief Executive Matthew Elliott and Campaign Director, Dominic Cummings. Vote Leave was designated as the official campaign by the UK’s Electoral Commission on 13 April 2017. Other Leave campaigns included Leave.EU, founded by Aaron Banks and Richard Tice.


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