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The ‘Irish4Europe’ campaign was a civic campaign, run by Irish people in the United Kingdom campaigning for a vote to Remain in the EU referendum. Irish4Europe had three key aims for Irish people living in the UK, which were “to know they can vote, to register to vote, and to vote ‘Remain’ in the European Union referendum”. Today, Irish4Europe highlights the concerns of Irish people living in the UK in relation to Brexit.

Irish Government Brexit Priorities

In May 2017, the Irish government issued a statement on its Brexit preparations in which it outlined its priorities for the negotiations. Those priorities were: minimising the impact of Brexit on trade and the economy; protecting the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement; maintaining the Common Travel Area; and securing Ireland’s future in a strong EU. To keep citizens informed of its engagement work on Brexit, the Irish government offers a ‘Brexit Update’ service which can be subscribed to and provides regular email updates on the latest government developments regarding Brexit. 


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