Accountability Campaign

As part of European Movement (EM) Ireland’s mission to develop the connection between Ireland and the EU, we have been tracking a variety of accountability indicators since 2010.  The Institutions and processes involved have included:

  • The Oireachtas
  • The European Parliament
  • The European Council
  • Council of the EU 

EM Ireland’s Accountability Report is intended to be a living, evolving project, which has grown and developed significantly since the first publication in 2010.  Since then, we have improved each annual report by incorporating feedback and comments received from readers, members and stakeholders, and will continue to do so.

Accountability Report 2015

The 2015 Summary contains a review of the year and also provides a picture of the indicators over the five years from 2010-2014.

Click here to read and download EM Ireland’s Accountability Report 2015.


Our original motivation remains: that our Accountability work will contribute to developing and improving Ireland’s relationship with the EU and its Institutions. European Movement Ireland remains committed to ensuring accountability, transparency and engagement at all levels of Ireland’s relationship with Europe.

Ireland’s engagement with the EU is deep and complex. EM Ireland believes strongly that that our Accountability Report which continues to evolve over the years, is an important aspect of our work in shedding a light on and working to explain Irish engagement at an EU level.

We have always appreciated the feedback we have received from parliamentarians and other stakeholders about our Accountability work.  Since 2010, we have incorporated as much as possible of this into the on-going data gathering and reporting.  


Through the Accountability Report, we track and measure work by public representatives which is on the record, publicly available and can be statistically verified, tracked and analysed.  Our Report relies solely on data which is in the public domain. EM Ireland acknowledges that, for example, analysing the daily activities of Irish MEPs in the European Parliament does not allow for a thorough analysis of the level of engagement of MEPs with the European parliamentary process.  This Accountability Report only takes account of the work of MEPs which is on the record and publicly available and can be statistically tracked, verified and analysed.  MEPs do a huge amount of work beyond this which is not quantifiable and therefore cannot be included in this analysis.

Accountability Report Archives


Click here to read and download EM Ireland’s Accountability Report 2014.

Click here to read and download EM Ireland’s Accountability Report 2013.

Alternatively, you can download the Report’s key findings here.

Accountability Report 2012 – Download (.PDF 2.0MB)
Accountability Report 2012 Executive Summary – Download (.PDF 304 KB)
Accountability Report 2012 Press Release – Download 
Accountability Report 2011 – Download (.PDF 2.0 MB)
Accountability Report 2011 Executive Summary – Download (.PDF 381 KB)
Accountability Report 2011 Press Release – Download (.PDF 224 KB)

Accountability Report 2010 – Download (.PDF 2.9 MB)

Accountability Report 2010 Executive Summary – Download (.PDF 1.2 MB)